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I’m Eden, an enthusiastic, creative, and highly motivated junior designer, currently in my final year of Interior Design, Decoration and Styling at Arts University Plymouth.


I have a passion for interior design, styling, photography and graphics, alongside a natural eye for detail and colour alongside an enthusiasm for promotional social media. I hold a particular interest in creating beautiful, holistic spaces that use organic and sustainable materials which positively support the emotional, mental and physical health of the end user.


I always strive to complete projects to the very best of my abilities and can work alone, or as a team player within budgets and time-scales. I am a flexible, reliable and conscientious worker, and am extremely keen to build on my existing skill set. Throughout the duration of my course I’ve partaken in a variety of projects surrounding interiors, styling, and graphics. From conducting photo shoots, to creating schemes for commercial interiors, producing my own styled, written and edited magazine, as well as being a Digital Marketing Strategist for a professional interior design Trade Show, held at The Box Museum in Plymouth. I believe that my skills are wide ranging and have developed greatly over the past three years.

Download my CV here

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